The war has finally come to an end. Destruction and loss is visible across the lands of Panem. Katniss, Peeta, and their friends are all trying their best to get back up on their feet and move on from the war, but is it really that easy? With various lives lost and Districts in flames, no one is quite so sure. For now, it's up to you to determine the fate of the rebels and to reconstruct Panem with only the help of each other.

Please note: This is slightly AU, if a character died and you can think of a reasonable explanation to how they've survived, feel free to apply for them. OC's are also welcome.

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Please go to the new main page here!

Several of us have created new accounts, so make sure you’re following the right ones. Please message the new page so that we know which account you will be using and we can add you to the masterlist.



The past 2 or 3 days has seen a fair few posts made by us admins about activity etc. and we’ve been discussing the problem along with a few others on chatzy as well as on the ooc blog. The suggestion came up that we start again, completely. We discussed all the reasons that this would be a good thing as well as thinking about the difficulties, and we came to a conclusion; a do over would be the best thing for this roleplay at the moment. So we’re remaking Mockingjay-rp. Starting from scratch again. That means we’re going from where we were 3 months ago when this rp first opened so major plot lines and events such as Noah’s birth and Everlark engagement/break up haven’t happened. You can choose for them to happen again or not, it’s up to you, these are your characters.

You have a couple of options for your accounts. I know some of us are choosing to delete our accounts and restart completely but you can just delete all your posts and continue using the same account as you are currently. You could also leave the posts where they are and just go from where you are. We don’t mind and you don’t have to do anything but we’re making a brand new main page, as well as an advertisements page  and a new ooc blog. We’ll provide you with all the links once we’re up and running.

If you feel that you don’t want to restart then we fully understand, and although we would love for everyone to stay on and stick through this new phase with us, we won’t hold it against you if you want to leave, and we’ll understand completely.

Thank you all so much for your patience and your continuing support.

Your admins.

Clean up time:

Please unfollow the following:

  • Esther Reeds
  • Iris Havenport
  • Annie Cresta-Odair.
  • Delly Cartwright.

Post from your friend neighbourhood admins.

So we’ve been bitching and moaning about activity all week to see little to no change. In addition to that we’ve still got several players who haven’t liked the post saying that they’ll be sticking around. 

As well as that we’re also losing our beloved Mak due to personal real life issues, as well as Shelby for the same reason. We’re extremely sad to see them go, and we wish them the best with everything. We’ve also got two other members who are considering leaving. 

This is really upsetting to us because we’ve been open for nearly three months now, and not only have we always been extremely active and had many plots going, but we’ve also gotten quite close out of character. So seeing this place die is the last thing that any of us want, but unfortunately unless things chance that’s what is going to happen. 

To sum this all up for you Meg, Kate and I have decided that this gif is appropriate:

So after tonight we’re going to be doing a massive clean up, kicking out all the inactive people. No excuses or exceptions as hard as that is. Then we’ll be cracking down on activity for the first few days, since we’ve always been extremely lenient on it and unfortunately people have ended up taking advantage of that.

If nothing changes then we’re considering doing a complete and total revamp and do over. Of course, you can pick elements of your own characters plots and relationships that you want to keep (for example if Rue wants to keep the plot of her parents being executed that would be fine. Or if Effie wants to keep the almost being killed by a Capitol radicalist, etc, etc) but the group as a whole will be starting over. We’re just wondering how you guys are feeling about this, and if you guys would be willing to move and re-do with us. 

We really do love you all, and we hate that this is happening. So feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

- Admins.


There are currently about five characters who are way past the inactivity limit (as in they’re hitting a week or two). I’ve been lenient because for the most part they’re people’s second characters, and I get that sometimes it’s hard to be on two at once. We’ve talked in the OOC blog a bit about the lack of activity and I’ve had to make three posts about it this week alone.

So starting now I’m going to be actually cracking down on it. I’ve been more than nice and the people who are active are all starting to get annoyed at the lack of activity, and rightly so. 

Here’s the deal, if you have more than one character and you’re only being active on one drop the other one. If you don’t have time or inspiration, drop them. It’s not a huge deal and I’d much prefer that. 

Second, if you don’t have time to RP, or if you’re having issues or something… leave. I don’t mean to sound rude, but we can’t keep holding your spot forever while you feed us excuse after excuse as to why you can’t be around. Especially considering some of these rules apply to people playing canon characters. For OC’s it isn’t a big deal, but there are other people who  have been interested in a few of the canon characters, and I’ve had to tell them we’re holding them for the players. That isn’t fair to the people who would be genuinely playing, or to the rest of the group who have plots going with these characters.

From now on if you hit three days with no explanation you’ll be out. This is difficult to do, since we’re a pretty tight knit group and are all friends OOC, but it isn’t fair to those of us who are actually active on their characters. 

I would like everyone to like this post by midnight EST on Friday to show that not only have you read this, you understand the new rules and you’re going to be around. The only exception to this is Meg (Peeta/Hanna) because she’s away on vacation with minimal internet access. If you haven’t done so I’m just going to assume you aren’t interested anymore and re-open your role. On that note, if you play more than one character please like it from all accounts you’re going to keep, just to make it easier for me when I total it up.


- Mandy.

Activity Warning:
  • Delly Cartwright (1 week).

Please either make a post or send a message to the main account by midnight EST or the role will be re-opened.

Thank you.

Johanna Mason | Accepted!

Welcome to the group, Bee! We’re glad to have you. Make the link and send it in ASAP. :)

OOC Name/Age: Bee/15

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This is a PSA.

kate: omg 

kate: tell dem 

kate: they need to take responsibility 

kate: because if this rp dies

kate: kate will go ape shit on they asses

Mandy: bless. 

Mandy: kate and mandy both because yeah 

kate: we will take em DOWN 

kate: dual power 

kate: reese’s power unite~ 

Mandy: wonder twin powers activate~*~*~ 

kate: bitches cant touch dis 

Right now about half of our characters are sitting at 2 or more days with no activity. The activity limit is three days. The general rule is three days with no activity (or just queued pictures because let’s be honest that doesn’t count) but since it’s finals time and everyone is busy we’ve been a lot more lenient on that. If you know you’re going to be inactive for more than a few days just let us know. Message the main page so that you know for sure we received the message. If you tell us in OOC or the Chatzy sometimes they get lost in all the other messages. 

But those of you who are being active are being fantastic though. <3

- Mandy (and Kate too.)